Stan Plotner metalsmith
photo by Harry Wirtz
photo by Harry Wirtz

Metal, both ferrous and non ferrous, has been used for body adornment from the earliest of times. In recent times, metal (silver and gold) has been used as a vehicle to showcase precious gems. Handmade contemporary jewelry is more of an artistic statement than a display of wealth. Many of the techniques used do not lend themselves to mass production.

My infatuation with the skills and techniques developed by ancient peoples and used to create objects of beauty, began with my earliest trips to museums as a child in New York City. Pre Colombian alloys and raised vessels, Ashanti lost wax casting, Etruscan gold granulation and medieval armor all had a profound influence on my work. I had the opportunity to restore a number of pieces of ancient metalwork, which allowed me to develop an intimacy with these art forms.

These influences, combined with my background in modern design, from the Bauhaus to Scandinavian Modern and including High Tech Industrial Design, have melded to make me who I am, an artist who looks to the future and respects the past.


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